As of September 1st 2016, Armstrong's Funeral Home in Petitcodiac is now owned by Salisbury Funeral Home, David Keirstead, of Salisbury NB.

Services and Facilities will continue as always. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to Salisbury Funeral Home and Havelock Funeral Parlour's website.  Through this site we offer you a variety of information and services that we hope you will find helpful.  It will allow you to find details of the services we are currently conducting and, if you wish, to reach out to a family with a memorial or a message of condolence sent through the site.  We also offer information on funeral planning, monument information, our history and a map to help you locate our facilities.

Our website contains information about our caring staff, facilities, and links to various resources to help you during this difficult time.

Please give us a call to see how we can be of help. 


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