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Margaret Anne Harriman


Margaret Anne Harriman

We miss you already.

With tender hearts and a sprinkle of humbleness, we share the news of Margaret Anne Harriman's (Rowe/Powers) passing on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at the age of 79. She embarked on her peaceful journey under the caring wings of the Palliative Care team at Moncton City Hospital, leaving behind a trail of fond memories and a legacy as rich as her heart.

Fondly known as Maggie, she entered this world on June 20, 1944, spreading joy and warmth wherever her footsteps fell. Alongside her faithful partner of 41 years, Jim S. "Bim" Harriman, she forged an unbreakable bond that defied the ordinary - truly, they were a match made in heaven. Her three daughters, Judy Stoneham (Rowe), Elizabeth (Betty) Rowe, and Michael Ann (Mickey) Rowe, now carry the torch of her enduring love and wisdom.

In the vast web of family connections, Maggie leaves behind a clan of Harriman relatives who shared her laughter and love, including Nancy, Paula, Becky, Anne, Cheryl, Joy, Lisa, Sandy, and Matt. Her blessings further multiplied with six grandchildren, each a treasure, and two great-grandchildren. Alongside, Maggie is survived by her step half-sister, Eileen LaPlante, and a plethora of close friends who formed the fabric of her cherished circle.

Maggie's life was marked by significant losses, as she was preceded in death by several loved ones. These include her son, Stephen Andrew Rowe Jr., in 2022, and her daughter, Misty Lorraine Rowe, in 2023. Additionally, Maggie was preceded in death by her parents, Nelson and Elizabeth Powers, her birth parent, Eileen A Prosser, her in-laws, Jim and Joan Harriman, and her ex-husband, Stephen Andrew Rowe Sr. These departures undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Maggie's life, shaping her journey with both sorrow and resilience.

In a life adorned with community service, Maggie's commitment shone like a beacon, inspiring all who crossed her path. A wordsmith of no small talent, she penned tales for local papers like "Me And The Kids," "Adamantly Yours," and "The Rural Report," leaving her mark on the literary landscape.  Her pen was her wand, channelling creativity and emotion into every stroke.

Maggie's life was a tapestry woven with threads of community commitment and contagious enthusiasm.  She spearheaded countless projects, always rallying others with her persuasive charm, while modestly shying away from the spotlight, preferring to bask in the glow of collective achievement.

As a single mother of five, Maggie's early years in Parkton Heights were a testament to her resilience and determination. Her journey led her to the corridors of education, culminating in a fulfilling teaching career spanning three decades;  NBCC throughout the province and Salisbury Adult Learning Centre.

Maggie's infectious zest for life, nurtured by books like "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," inspired countless souls to soar to greater heights. Retiring in 2009 from Salisbury Adult Learning Centre, she imparted wisdom and wit to countless souls, shaping minds and hearts with every lesson. Her legacy as an advocate for Adult Education and community service will continue to illuminate paths for generations to come.  She believed in empowering others to break the shackles of ignorance and poverty. 

 Maggie’s impressive career and community involvement span various roles. As a freelance writer and private tutor, she shared her expertise with diverse audiences, earning recognition and awards like the Province of NB Arts & Culture Award, CASP Teaching Excellence Award, and Canada Post Literacy Award. Beyond her professional endeavours, she was a dedicated teacher and volunteer, leading the Parent Teacher Association at Beaverbrook School, supporting the Boys and Girls Club's After School Care Program by writing the first grant for funding, and serving on the Board of Directors at the Salisbury Library. Her contributions to literature, education, and community welfare are significant and commendable.

Beyond her civic engagements, Maggie found solace in tending to her garden alongside Jim, her partner in both laughter and lawn care. In harmony with nature’s symphony, her tuneless whistle and trademark skip were frequently observed, echoing the joy she found in the simple pleasures of tending to her garden. 

A celebration of Maggie's extraordinary life will take place on July 20, 2024, at Salisbury Funeral Home, where stories and memories will intertwine in a tapestry of love and laughter; a testament to the indelible mark she left on all who knew her. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Salisbury Library or the Children's Wish Foundation will honour her legacy of love and generosity.

Though Maggie may have bid adieu to this world, her essence lingers in the hearts of those she touched with her warmth, wisdom, and unwavering love. May her memory continue to illuminate our paths, a beacon of kindness and grace.

In honor of Maggie's affection for summer, mark your calendars for July 20, 2024.  With a mix of melancholy and mirth, we bid farewell to Margaret Anne Harriman from the chapel of the Salisbury Funeral Home, 3350 Route 106, Salisbury West, NB, (506)372-4800 under the care of David Keirstead, Funeral Director. 

Donations in Maggie’s name can be made to the Salisbury Library or Children’s Wish Foundation.

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Service Date
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Service Location
Salisbury Funeral Home Chapel

Requested Charity
Salisbury Library or Children’s Wish Foundation